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On-site and on-demand, these wall-mounted, .75 gallon-per-minute units, dispense highly effective, yet safe Aqueous Ozone or ozonated water. Aqueous Ozone has been proven to kill >99.999% of the most common bacteria and viruses in just 30 sec. without using harsh chemicals. More effective than traditional cleaners and sanitizers, these AO Water units deliver an endless supply of an all-natural and safe oxidizing agent.

  • Sanitizes, Cleans, and Deodorizes all Surfaces
  • No Chemicals to Purchase, Store, and Use
  • Up to 80% Savings in Chemical-based Cleaning & Sanitizing Agents
  • Safe, Effective, Economical, and Sustainable
  • FDA and USDA Approved as a Food Sanitizer
  • EPA Registered and Regulated
  • Exceeds World Health Organization Standards as a Sanitizing Agent

Since we have had the Sanzonate solutions in place at all three of our restaurants, we have cut our cleaning time and labor in half. Our chemical costs for cleaning/disinfecting have been reduced by 70% in that same period. We also have an ozonated water unit dedicated to our ice machine and in the seven months since it was installed, we have not had to clean or maintain the unit, or replace any filters. Quite simply, we have not seen any mold or bacteria inside the ice cavity during that time.

Chris Hoffman. General Manager/Owner, Lansky’s Restaurants. Omaha, NE

Technical Specifications

System Features

  • On-site, On-demand Generation of Ozonated Water
  • Delivers a 99.999% Reduction in most Common Bacteria/Viruses
  • Compact, Modular Unit weighs just 2 lbs.
  • Dimensions of 12” x 6” x 4”
  • Volumetric Rate Flow of .75 GPM (Gallons-per-Minute)
  • ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of 750 mV (+ or – 100 mV)
  • Turnkey and Ready to Operate
  • Two-year Product Warranty
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